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What am I going to get? - Breaking down a box of beef from Rocky Knob Meats

We offer 10- or 20-pound mixed boxes of premium beef and 5- or 10-pound mixed boxes of delicious lamb. Each box is mixed with a variety of cuts but you are guaranteed to get some ground meat, steaks or chops depending on beef or lamb and a roast plus stew meat, kabob meat, soup bones or lamb shanks.

A 10-pound beef box from Rocky Knob Meats costs $84.99 before shipping is added. That’s $8.49 cents per pound of beef you receive, no matter the cut. So, a porterhouse steak is $8.49 per pound and so is a pound of ground beef. That may seem crazy to pay 8+ dollars for a pound of ground beef but $8.49 for a porterhouse steak is unheard of. We’ll break it all down.

Let’s compare that to the same costs you might find at the grocery store. To do this, I’ve taken the costs of meat at Aldi, Kroger and Wal-Mart into account on Friday, March 4, 2022 and averaged them. I selected ribeye steak, chuck roast and 80/20 ground beef all similar to what you may get in your package of beef from our farm. The average price per pound for each cut is $13.65 for ribeye steak, $7.65 chuck roast, and $5.14 for ground beef from the grocery store.

Let’s take that information and put together your order before it’s shipped to you and compare that to the cost of selecting similar cuts and quantities at the grocery store. You’re going to get a chuck roast, one package of ribeye steaks, three pounds of ground beef and a package of stew meat. Like we said before, 10 pounds of meat is $84.99 from Rocky Knob Meats. The same meat from the grocery store costs $75.32.

Other than paying $9.67 more for a box from us, what else are you getting? Each box receives a hand written thank you note from either Levi or I because we know how big of a deal it is to try something new, especially when it feeds your family. You’ll receive high quality meat with delicious marbling and so much flavor. You’ll have a new sense of peace because you know exactly where your food is coming from and if you have questions, you can ask the source – we actually encourage it. And you don’t have to spend time at the meat case looking over all the options because we’ll ship it to your door step frozen.

We all juggle a lot on our plates these days and the uncertainty of so many different things we are seeing around the world is stressful. Let us take one thing off your plate and be confident that your family will continue to eat well. If you have questions, please ask. We are an open book and are very confident that we are always doing the best by the animals we are raising to feed your family.

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