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Our Sheep

We have a commercial hair sheep flock of Katadihn/Dorper cross ewes we breed for a lamb crop.   These lambs are raised for two different purposes. The first group is grown to market weight and harvested as a part of our meat program and sold through Rocky Knob Meats. The second group of lambs are our replacement ewe lambs that will join the breeding flock and raise the next generation of market lambs. We occasionally have ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale for other commercial operations. 

We are working towards a year round rotational grazing system in which our sheep would be grazing grass 365 days a year. In the times when grass isn't available, we roll out hay in an effort to minimize heavy impact areas around bale feeders and avoid the mud. 

Market lambs that are apart of our meat program eat grass until they are close to market weight and finish growing on a mixed grain and hay diet. This adds extra flavor and finish to the meat. 

In the past we have lambed inside the barn from January-March but had success in the spring of 2023 lambing on pasture and will continue to do so moving forward in an effort to keep our labor needs as low as possible and reduce interfering with the lambing process. 

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