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The village it takes "to do it all."

I had someone ask me last week after we officially finished lambing, “How did you do it all and lamb at the same time?” I literally laughed out loud. They were referencing some post on Instagram that I had put up, related to the boys and lambing at the same time. There is no way I do it all, let’s get that straight from the beginning. Farming is hard. Farming with kids in tow is really hard. We have more hard days than good days.

Every lambing season is different. This year was the first time we have lambed in April/May with the warmer weather and let me tell you, we WILL be doing it again. The warmer weather helped tremendously with some issues we have run into in the past but the best part of the warmer weather, the boys were outside. I wasn’t worried about them sitting in the truck while it snowed outside, getting way too much screen time. There was nothing easy about them being outside – I still had to worry about Noah grabbing an electric fence or Charlie trying to wrangle newborn lambs – but there were a few moments they were both digging or playing in the dirt while I moved around the barn. Those moments were pure gold.

But I wasn’t on my own either. We have the best family surrounding us and I know not everyone has that. My mom came to the farm for a couple weeks, both Levi’s parents were around and helped with lambing, farming and/or the boys on multiple occasions. The boys go to my sister-in-law one day a week and play with their cousins – this gives me a chance to do the things they can’t help me with (the dangerous things). I have immense help with all things vet related in Levi’s brother and his family who are a phone call or short drive away depending on the issue.

It's very easy for me to say, if these people weren’t around us we would be sinking. And let’s not forget that I am a horrible housekeeper. Horrible. Especially during really busy times like lambing. Dishes don’t get to the dishwasher very fast and hopefully everyone has enough clothes in their drawers and closets because laundry isn’t happening.

So, whether it’s me or anyone else you see on social media, know that you’re only seeing a few moments of their day. Social media is a highlight reel, nothing more. Don’t compare your family, farm, life or anyone else’s you see on social media. It’s something I’m working on myself and hope you will too. It’s not the full picture.

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