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Tator Tot Casserole for the win!

As for most of the country, school started for us this week. Although neither of our kids are in school yet, Levi is a teacher so during the school year there are many times that we need a quick, throw it together meal.

Tator tot casserole is one of our favorites. All the boys in my family (Charlie, Noah and Levi) love to drown their tator tot casserole in ketchup. I think the littles learned it from their dad ;) I prefer a normal amount spread on top of mine.

Is tator tot casserole something you eat in your home? What do you do differently than our recipe? Tell me below in the comments!

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Want to print this recipe card? Click here for the printable version!

Tator Tot Casserole Recipe Card
Download PDF • 718KB

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