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Christmas Shopping Made Easy

I don't know how you are preparing for the holiday but I am working on getting all the kids gifts bought, thinking about what to get our parents and all the food we'll be devouring over the holiday season. But as I look around our house, we already have so much STUFF. The toy box is overflowing, our bookshelves are full of books that still need to be read and we definitely don't need any more clothes. I think the pandemic caused a desire for new experiences in us.

I came across this graphic the other day on Facebook by Becoming Minimalist and I thought is was great! It lists 52 different "clutter-free" gift ideas for the youngest kids all the way up to adults. None of us really need any material stuff and with the price of everything at the store I think gifting something that can be eaten or shared at a fun get together will be a welcome change.

If you have had Rocky Knob Meats, you know the value and quality that I'm thinking about. We have put together an awesome Christmas sampler box for our customers who want to share the goodness with their friends and family this holiday season.

Christmas Sampler boxes include 3 pounds of our premium ground beef and a package of lamb bratwurst with the option to include a personalized message to your family member or friends. We will be shipping these special gifts directly to their houses on Tuesday, December 19th so they're guaranteed to be to their house by the next day - plenty of time before Christmas.

Imagine the surprise and excitement your Christmas sampler gift will bring to your loved ones this season.

Shop Christmas samplers here or find any of our other beef, lamb or apparael products here at

We are wishing each of you the happiest holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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