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A Proper Introduction

If you don’t know any farmers personally, tag along with us and we’ll be your farmers.

We’re Levi and Krysti Morrow and we farm in Southeast Ohio. We met in college at The Ohio State University where we both earned degrees in agriculture. Both proud 4-H and FFA alumni, our passion for agriculture runs deep and we're thankful for the opportunity to do what we love.

In 2016, we bought the land where Rocky Knob Farms now exists and we are so happy we did! We started that fall with a half-acre of u-pick pumpkins and a corn maze. Our only goal that fall was to help pay for the new mortgage payment we added but throughout the pumpkin season, we realized there was a lot of information people didn’t know or understand and they were asking us, as farmers, to explain it to them. That shifted plans a little bit. Instead of just helping pay for the mortgage we wanted to help people understand where their food came from and know that it was safe. We added our first u-pick strawberry patch in 2018 and welcomed our son, Charlie, that same spring. It was CRAZY!

​We loved seeing community members come with their families to pick pumpkins or strawberries, go through the corn maze or just hang out at the farm and some have become great friends. We’ve also learned that it’s really hard managing a farm that the community is visiting and raising a toddler.

In January of 2021 our second son, Noah, was born! He's going to be one on Tuesday, how is that possible!?! We finished our last season of u-pick strawberries in May of 2021 and are soley focused on raising sheep and beef for our meat program that's getting started in 2022. Although we absolutely loved having the community come to the farm for pumpkins and strawberry u-picks it's really difficult to manage little kids during extremely intense/busy seasons on the farm.

We hope that you’ll join us on this wild ride of life and see what it’s like living on a sheep farm. We will be as open and honest as we can be while keeping our family first so if you have questions, please ask! We’re an open book, for the most part, and will do our best to answer them and start building a relationship built on trust with you and your family.

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